My name is Miguel Guerrero 👋.

I am an impact entrepreneur and data professional, with significant experience as teacher, project manager and management consultant. I founded Saturdays.AI, where anyone can learn artificial intelligence while building social impact projects. I have founded other projects and companies.. you can say I like to start and grow things 😀.

If you want to know more about me, you probably want to follow me on Twitter for more up-to-date content. Also you are very welcome to connect in Linkedin 🤝. I like coding and open source, this is my GitHub, feel free to use anything that may help you.

My life mission is to be a good dad to my three children, and I strive to leave a better world than I found, both things are very related, but not always complementary. I love to learn about everything, but specially things related to tech, science and history, I was one of those kids reading encyclopedias for fun. Also I like to have good conversations, watching movies and running outdoors.